When purchasing new cabinetry, we recognize that you have many options. 

Why choose us?  We can confidently say, Here's why:

  • Real Wood.  Our cabinets are built from real Maple (unless requested otherwise).   Real wood plywood means our cabinets are more durable and less susceptible to water damage.

  • Quality Ingredients, Great Value.  We use the highest quality drawer slides and soft-close hardware. 

  • Superior Joinery Techniques.  Dovetail Joints and blind dado construction of boxes mean sturdy, beautiful drawer boxes and cabinet boxes built solid and strong.  Many of our competitors do not build boxes with blind dado construction.

  • Built to Last.  Our cabinets are built to last for the long haul.  Quality materials and craftsmanship means we are a strong investment in your home and your future.

  • Direct Investment in your Community.  We value your patronage and hope that you feel proud in knowing that your new custom cabinetry is not only an investment for your home, but also a direct investment in the livelihoods of more than six local families.    Your cabinets are built by people who truly enjoy their craft. 

  • Straight From the Source.  We are the designer, builder, seller, installer, and support team of the custom cabinetry or furniture you are purchasing.   We are not a dealer who simply marks up cabinets we order elsewhere.  We maintain a tremendous interest in the quality of our products and services, and the overall value we provide.  We know the in's and outs of what we build, because we build it.  Every dollar you spend with us directly contributes to our ability to deliver exceptional products and services.

  • Service with a Smile.  We're easy to reach by phone or email and we're here when you need us.   Building is our passion and our friendly office staff is ready to help make your experience with us a great one.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing your cabinetry come to life, and then hearing YOU tell us just how much you LOVE YOUR CABINETS!

  • You're Cool, We're Cool, Let's Work Together!  Let's build something awesome, we might even have some fun along the way...