Cabinetry Design Services Include:

Design Layout, Materials Selection and Sourcing in relation to:

  • Custom Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry:

  • Custom Entertainment Centers, Wall Units, Bookshelves

  • Custom Cabintry for Commercial and Retail Spaces

  • Custom Furniture

Architectural Design Consultation Services:

  • Able + Baker Architectural Design Consultation services provide a perfect bridge between the Architectural drawings created by an Architect, and Homeowner(s) wanting a more fully formed cabinetry vision. Our Services can be enlisted either by Architects or by Homeowners directly.

  • Cabinetry is often one of the largest budgetary items in a remodel. Why wait until a renovation has started to form a cabinetry plan? Let us streamline the construction process by forming a cabinetry plan early in the project planning process.

  •  Let Able + Baker serve as a project liaison within the Architect - Homeowner - General Contractor working triangle, as we explore and establish the cabinetry details. We’ll work directly with a Homeowner to form a cabinetry plan which takes into account not only their aesthetic desires, but the functionality of their cabinetry in regard to the Kitchen serving as both a gathering space and a work space.

  • While an Architect works on the “big picture” of a home’s design, we work to develop the cabinetry plan, flushing out even the smallest details. We’ll create detailed shop drawings from which your cabinetry can actually be built.

  • Able + Baker will develop a cabinetry plan in direct relation to a client’s cabinetry budget. We will help you to explore the diverse and vast selection of distinctive materials, and assist in narrowing down the selection to those which can work well for Your project.

  • Contact us today with information about your upcoming project, or for more info!

The Able + Baker Cabinetry Design Process

Able and Baker is a Cabinetry Design Studio known for our personable approach to construction.  We strive to do our part to make your renovation an enjoyable process.  Whether working on a modest bungalow, a modern loft, or a historic home, we take pride in knowing that our custom cabinetry and millwork will become a part of your home's heritage for many years to come.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in the remodeling industry, we are capable of designing just about anything you (or we) can imagine.  Our construction knowledge informs our designs which allows a more streamlined approach to construction.

 Assess & Inspire

You've been busy gathering inspiration on Pinterest and houzz.  Now, let's design something great just for You.  During your first consultation, we'd love for you to bring in (or email) pictures of cabinets that excite you so we can get a sense of your vision.  We'll assess your needs, wants, needs, and budget so we can work towards creating an inspired yet realistic game plan just for you.

If you are in the L.A. area, a member of our team will go to your jobsite to take field measurements so we can have the precise measurements necessary to build.  Depending on the extent of your project, we'll want to meet with your general contractor and / or Interior Designer so we can develop an organized working relationship which will help your project move along smoothly.

It's time to finalize your cabinetry plan and celebrate the fact that your cabinets are custom, and tailor made to fit your space. Three cheers for no wasted space or awkward, unused corners! hooray for cabinets that hold what you want, where you want it! 


Design decisions have been finalized and its time for our team to create a set of shop drawings from which your cabinetry can be built.  Your cabinets will be respectfully and artfully built by hand, by a skilled team of woodworkers who take pride in what they do. 



Our friendly network of installers can install your cabinets, doors, and drawers, as well as any decorative mouldings and hardware.  Your Installer can make sure your drawers glide smoothly, and close soft and easy.  Your dream is now a reality...enjoy!!