Custom 9-Person Beach House Bunk Bed!

You know how we love a good challenge...

When our friends at Colbert Architecture asked if we would be interested in building a nine-person bunk bed at a beach house just steps away from the ocean we were immediately intrigued.  Nine people?  Beach house?  Please tell us more!

But this isn't just a bed -- it's a bunk bed, with built-in bookshelves,  drawers, stairs, a hidden mattress, moulded casework, a USB charging station,  and so much more...!

Not to mention, the room itself isn't a whole lot bigger than the bed itself, so we're basically talking about building a ship in a bottle. We were excited to face the challenge and build this baby!

 A flight of marble stairs lead up to the second set of mattresses.   But they're not just stairs... they're also functioning drawers!  #storage #more storage #even more storage

The paneled side and ceiling detail adds a classic touch...

Because sometimes four mattresses just aren't enough... Guess the secret hiding spot?

A Hidden Mattress!  Just in case...

Stairway to Storage!

Plenty of built-in bookcases to house your beach-side vacation library...

Even on vacation we need to charge our phones, so what could be more convenient than a bedside USB charging station?

So now you know... if you ever need a 9-person bunk bed built for your beloved family -- look no further than the Able & Baker woodshop!  We're here with tools in hand and mad skills in our back pocket.  Let's build!



We Left Our Cabinets in San Francisco!

We recently had the opportunity to design and build custom cabinetry and millwork for a classic San Francisco home.  Our client enjoyed the cabinetry we built for their Southern California home so much that they asked us to play a part in their Northern California home renovation.  We were thrilled! Having lived in the Bay Area for years we have a great appreciation for classic San Francisco architecture. 

For this project, we designed and built all custom cabinetry you see pictured, as well as custom millwork including the custom door chime housing.  With the door chime housing and custom media shelving in the living room (not pictured) we took a design queue from the original built-in Mahogany partition windows. We believe the results are truly beautiful!

Many thanks to Jason at Rawls Construction, Inc. for the photographs!

Have you heard the term "Transitional Cabinetry"? That terminology seems to be floating around more and more these days, and it is a style we really enjoy -- We love blending the old with the new to create modern cabinetry with elegance. 

We love what HGTV has to say about Transitional Cabinetry: "The transitional kitchen blends the old with the new and adds a touch of creativity to create a flexible gathering space."   Yes, please...!

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry, fabricated in our Ventura woodshop!

Accessories can make the most of your kitchen storage.

This beautiful doorbell housing was proudly designed and built in our Ventura woodshop!

This beautiful doorbell housing was proudly designed and built in our Ventura woodshop!

Modern Bath Cabinetry designed and built in our woodshop!

Modern Bath Cabinetry designed and built in our woodshop!

No such thing as too much hallway storage.

No such thing as too much hallway storage.