Custom Teak Interior for 1967 VW Bus - A Project for ICON!

As many of you know, our love for woodworking extends beyond the realm of cabinetry and into the realms of furniture, sculpture, and vehicle interiors.  Of course, it's safe to say that all of these formats merge in many ways, and at the end of the day it doesn't matter much what we're building, we're just excited to build. But, on the days that we're building an incredibly cool interior for a 1967 VW bus, well, that smile on our face just might be a little brighter...

We are honored to have done the woodwork for various ICON projects (cool people, cool projects, they are amazing!), and when Jonathan asked us to design + build the interior woodwork for their '67 VW bus Derelict project, we were beyond excited.  Josh comes from a lineage of VW enthusiasts, so this project really spoke to his heart.

Able and Baker Icon VW Bus IMG_9798.jpeg

This VW bus was completely transformed.  ICON's client wanted something that was perfect for adventure, camping, and weekend travel with family.  We designed and crafted the woodwork from Teak.  At the begining of the project, ICON let us know that they wanted to use this vintage patio furniture fabric,  which really set a cool tone for the interior. Check out the many features ICON added to the bus here.

The cabinet above is one of our favorite features.  It's always a fun challenge to build things with curves, and this was no exception.  This cabinet is a perfect place to store anything from travel books, games and magazines, to a bottle or two of your favorite beverage.  Don't worry about those bumpy mountain roads -- The rails not only add a design element, but also keep those precious beverage bottles safe and upright. We handcrafted the armrests in homage to the original design.

Another cool feature of this bus is the table.  The client envisioned playing card games with their family, so a table was a must!   We love that a spirit of togetherness and family fun was a driving force in this project.  We added under-table lighting, and designed the table so that it could easily disappear when not needed.

Poof!  It's gone.  Table, no table... when adventuring, it's nice to have options.

We handcrafted the door handles and gear shift knobs.  Aren't they beautiful?

Gotta have a place for cups, remotes (sound system!), etc.

Custom teak and steel roof rack with a self pitching tent! 

Seriously, how cool is this bus? 

Thanks again to ICON for providing us this opportunity.  Watch the video below to learn more about the project, and ICON, and listen for a special shout out to Able and Baker!  (We're quite proud).  Photos courtesy of ICON.

In this video you'll get a great look at our Able + Baker custom woodwork, and the design rendering that started it all.  This 1967 VW Bus is ready for adventure!